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We started off as a humble tech start-up, so we know how important it is to reduce overheads to keep your small business humming. When you're accessing the wholesale cost of power with Freestyle, you're not paying a cent more than what it costs to get power to your business.

Get power over your power

Full transparency

See exactly who you're paying for what - all the costs of powering your business are split out clearly on your Flick bill.

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Full control

The Flick app gives you an up-to-date snapshot of how your bill’s tracking, and allows you to set up and manage your Volt. The app also shows you live carbon emissions from electricity, so you’ll know when to use power to reduce your carbon impact.

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Payment choice

Pay the actual cost of your bill weekly or choose a regular amount to pay, while still getting great savings through wholesale power pricing. When you pay more than the cost of your bill, the difference gets stashed in your Volt to use when you want to knock the top off a higher than normal bill.

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Smart prices for smart businesses

Pop your business' details into the form, and we'll get a pricing quote back to you in a flash.

NZ's fairest power pricing

Choose your products, control your power

As a Flick business customer, you've got access to the same sweet deals as our Flicksters at home. Ride the market with access to the spot price of power with Freestyle! Or join with FIXIE or EARNIE and smooth the ride with a fixed generation price.

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Rob Crisp, owner of Sixes and Sevens

I like the fact I have access to real-time information on how much electricity costs

Rob Crisp, Owner - Sixes & Sevens Café

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Questions? We've got answers

Frequent Business Questions

What are Flick's business rates?

As a business, you've got access to the same great, price plans as everyone else. To get price options for your business, pop your details into the form above, and one of our team will get back to you within a few days.

Our approach is transparent and fair - like a basic utility should be.

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Can you supply my business?

We're keen to supply your SME business! We currently supply businesses that have a smart meter throughout most of New Zealand. Email us at hello@flickelectric.co.nz or give us a call on 0800 435 425 and we'll check if we're able to take you on.

How do I pay my bill with Flick?

We send you your weekly bill each Tuesday and take your payment on Thursday via Direct Debit from your bank account or Credit Card.

Our billing week runs from Monday to Sunday, and we bill nine days behind.
Billing cycle

You can choose to pay your exact bill amount each week, or open a Volt and pay a regular amount each week. By paying a little more than your normal bill amount, you'll build up a wee stash of cash that you can then use to automatically knock the top off a higher than normal bill.

Not too sure about the whole weekly billing thing? Lots of Flicksters actually love this approach as it really helps with budgeting and allows you to manage your usage faster. Read more about why Flick chooses to bill weekly.

Can I consolidate my invoices for all the accounts I hold with you?

At this stage, we send you a weekly billing email for each account separately.